Detailed Handbag/Purse

Detailed Handbag/Purse

Long time no post!  Recently created this Chanel handbag/purse model.  If i get a chance to share the thing it’s being used in i’ll do that..

For reference i was given a crude model created with photogrammetry and turntable shots of the bag.  I started by creating a low poly base mesh and did the chain using a Cloner in C4D set to clone along a spline – the leather strap that weaves around the chain had to be modelled manually.  The low poly mesh for the leather parts with checker pattern and stitching were then subdivided and displacement was baked into the final mesh using a Displacer deformer.   Image of the low-poly wireframe and a couple of close-ups:

Textures ( including height-map for the displacement ) were produced inside Substance Designer at 4096 x 4096 – although due to some silly issues with how the Displacer handles UV’s ( and being unable to use a Projector inside the displacement Shader slot as it doesn’t like nested shaders in the slot ) i didn’t use a tiling version of the texture and lost some resolution squeezing the entire thing into a 4k texture set.  Here’s an early shot of the material setup inside Substance:

And a couple of renders of the final bag ( click for fullsize ) :


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